Friday, June 18, 2010

Seattle Mariners minor league EMERA for June 2010

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Following up on the Seattle Mariners minor league system's pitching, here is the Mariners minor league EMERA for all eligible pitchers* based on season pitching totals current as of yesterday. Pitchers are broken down by tiers: Ignoring all other developmental concerns, you could hypothetically slot the 1st tier in AAA, the 2nd tier in AA, the 3rd tier in High A and the 4th tier in Low A. On a more relevant scale, you want AAA pitchers in the 1st tier, not the 2nd tier or below... and you expect single A pitchers in the 3rd or 4th tier, so they're doing well if slotted higher.

And of course, EMERA is designed to estimate a pitcher's potential MLB ERA, so if his EMERA looks like a decent MLB ERA, that pitcher theoretically could pitch in the bigs right now.

(Ryan Feierabend is currently pitching in AAA and has enough innings to qualify, but I included his High A totals in parentheses as a point of comparative reference, as he has enough innings at that level to qualify as well.)

* - Minimum of 10 IP

Player - 1st TierLvlEMERA
Brian SweeneyAAA3.74
Robert RohrbaughAA4.43
Garrett OlsonAAA4.80
Edward ParedesAA4.96
Anthony VasquezA+5.14
Anthony VarvaroAA5.23
Michael PinedaAA5.42
Stephen PenneyA+5.45
Mauricio RoblesAA5.50
Anthony VasquezA5.51
Steve BrayAA5.59
Ryan FeierabendAAA5.61

Player - 2nd TierLvlEMERA
Steve PalazzoloAAA5.66
Steven HensleyAA5.78
Aaron JensenAA5.94
Maikel CletoA+5.95
Josh FieldsAA5.98
(Ryan Feierabend)A+6.06
Chad CorderoAAA6.10
Chris KirklandA6.39
Brian MoranA6.71
Dan CortesAA6.71
Luis MuñozAA6.75
Andrew CarrawayA+6.85
Taylor StantonA6.90

Player - 3rd TierLvlEMERA
Mumba RiveraAA6.91
David PauleyAAA6.99
Steven RichardA+7.16
Chris SeddonAAA7.19
Levale SpeignerAAA7.21
Luke FrenchAAA7.24
Andy BaldwinAAA7.31
Jake WildA+7.34
Steven ShellAAA7.38
Erasmo RamirezA7.57
Cheyne HannA+7.67
Jon HeskethA7.73

Player - 4th TierLvlEMERA
Mike KoploveAAA7.76
Jose JimenezA8.08
Bobby LaFromboiseA+8.28
Blake NationA+8.31
John HouseyA8.41
Yusmeiro PetitAAA8.55
Kenn KasparekA+8.65
Nick CzyzA+9.66
Brandon JosselynA9.85
Marwin VegaA+9.96
James GillheeneyA10.49
Daniel CooperA11.74
Taylor LewisA12.25
Tyler BlandfordA14.51
Ryan MoorerA+14.92

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