Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Seattle Mariners Net Runs for 6-1-2010 (Seattle 7, Minnesota 1)

TeamPlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBaseEXERAPitOuts
MINNick Blackburn-1.4500.000-1.4500.0000.0007.5111
MINJoe Mauer-0.386-0.0020.000-0.3840.0000.000
MINJustin Morneau-0.316-0.2230.0000.124-0.2170.000
MINNick Punto-0.6950.0110.000-0.7060.0000.000
MINBrendan Harris-1.484-0.8290.000-0.6550.0000.000
MINJJ Hardy0.1000.3460.000-0.2460.0000.000
MINDelmon Young0.961-0.4570.0001.2810.1370.000
MINDenard Span-1.023-1.0780.0000.0550.0000.000
MINMichael Cuddyer-1.194-0.8050.000-0.3890.0000.000
MINJason Kubel-0.428-0.4280.0000.0000.0000.000
MINAlex Burnett1.0900.0001.0900.0000.0000.327
MINRon Mahay-0.3110.000-0.3110.0000.0006.813
MINBrian Duensing0.1660.0000.1660.0000.0002.833
MINMIN Luckbox0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
MINRon Gardenhire0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.000

TeamPlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBaseEXERAPitOuts
SEAJason Vargas-1.3990.000-2.3030.9040.0006.9621
SEAEliezer Alfonzo0.0150.1520.000-0.1370.0000.000
SEACasey Kotchman1.9760.4260.0001.5500.0000.000
SEAChone Figgins2.4561.8280.0000.4910.1370.000
SEAJose Lopez2.0362.0310.0000.0050.0000.000
SEAJosh Wilson0.535-0.5960.0001.1310.0000.000
SEAMichael Saunders0.241-1.0020.0001.2430.0000.000
SEAFranklin Gutierrez-0.177-0.4630.0000.2860.0000.000
SEAIchiro Suzuki1.9211.0870.0000.8340.0000.000
SEAMike Sweeney-0.887-0.0530.0000.000-0.8340.000
SEAShawn Kelley0.3550.0000.3550.0000.0001.253
SEAGarrett Olson-0.3280.000-0.3280.0000.0006.953
SEASEA Luckbox0.2470.2470.0000.0000.0000.000
SEADon Wakamatsu0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
 Safeco Field2.0210.0000.000-2.0210.0000.000

How Net Runs works

Player of the Game: Chone Figgins (2.456 NRuns: 1.828 hitting, 0.491 fielding, 0.137 running)
Also: Jose Lopez (2.036 NRuns: 2.031 hitting, 0.005 fielding)

Positive Mariner contributions: 8
Negative Mariner contributions: 4

Mariners hitting: 3.410 NRuns
Mariners defense: 6.307 NRuns
Mariners pitching: -2.276 NRuns

Positive Twins contributions: 4
Negative Twins contributions: 9

Twins with less than -1.000 NRuns: 4 (Nick Blackburn, Brendan Harris, Denard Span, Michael Cuddyer)

Starting pitchers for both teams: -3.753 NRuns

Goat: Brendan Harris (-1.484 NRuns: -0.829 hitting, -0.655 fielding)
Almost goat: Nick Blackburn (-1.450 pitching NRuns... 7.51 EXERA)


It's late so this will be brief.

A rare banner day at the plate for the M's overshadowed the defense masking a bad game by Jason Vargas. Vargas got away with a LOT of line drives and walks today in stringing together seven strong innings. The 1st inning was bad, the 2nd... mehhhhhh, the 3rd was bad, the 4th was good, the 5th was bad (and nice job snaring that comebacker, Jason), the 6th wasn't too hot and the 7th to his credit was good. Many point to Doug Fister being all smoke and mirrors, but really of the upstart SPs, Jason Vargas has been the one tiptoeing through line drives and flyballs thanks to good outcomes. He has had decent games per EXERA, but between he and Fister, Vargas is the more likely to regress over time. Thankfully, his defense was terrific and Nick Blackburn was even worse than he was.

The defense deserves credit for an exceptional, almost flawless game. Save for Delmon Young swiping a base off Eliezer Alfonzo, everyone for the M's positively contributed in the field. Casey Kotchman had a great game at 1B, Josh Wilson deserves credit in light of recent struggles for a great game at SS, and Michael Saunders undid a bad day at the plate with a good day in LF.

Chone Figgins really needed a good game at the plate like he had today, as did Jose Lopez. To a lesser extent, Casey Kotchman really needed a big hit to fall for him as well and he got it late.

Good job Mariners. Another 73 games like this before October 3 and maybe you'll make the playoffs.

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