Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seattle Mariners Net Runs for 4-30-2010 (Texas 2, Seattle 0, 12 innings)

TeamPlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBaseEXERAPitOuts
TEXColby Lewis3.2480.0003.2480.0000.0001.2027
TEXMatt Treanor-0.457-0.4570.0000.0000.0000.000
TEXJustin Smoak-1.580-0.9600.000-0.6200.0000.000
TEXIan Kinsler0.122-0.3640.0000.703-0.2170.000
TEXMichael Young0.0940.3350.000-0.2410.0000.000
TEXElvis Andrus-0.658-0.1780.000-0.4800.0000.000
TEXJosh Hamilton-0.586-0.7490.0000.1630.0000.000
TEXCraig Gentry-0.445-0.5910.0000.1460.0000.000
TEXVladimir Guerrero0.225-0.8620.0001.0870.0000.000
TEXRyan Garko-1.148-1.1480.0000.0000.0000.000
TEXTEX Luckbox2.5551.3240.0001.2310.0000.000
TEXRon Washington-0.3580.000-0.3580.0000.0000.000
TEXJulio Borbon0.588-0.0950.0000.6830.0000.000
TEXDavid Murphy-0.098-0.0980.0000.0000.0000.000
TEXDarren Oliver0.1740.0000.1740.0000.0000.001
TEXDarren O'Day0.0930.0000.0930.0000.0003.052
TEXFrank Francisco0.4090.0000.4090.0000.0000.803
TEXNeftali Feliz-0.1780.000-0.1780.0000.0005.703

TeamPlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBaseEXERAPitOuts
SEACliff Lee0.2400.0000.2400.0000.0003.9321
SEAAdam Moore-0.337-0.3370.0000.0000.0000.000
SEACasey Kotchman-1.130-1.2750.0000.1450.0000.000
SEAChone Figgins1.033-0.6310.0001.6640.0000.000
SEAJose Lopez0.0850.0830.0000.0020.0000.000
SEAJack Wilson-0.518-0.7920.0000.2740.0000.000
SEAMilton Bradley1.8020.6890.0001.1130.0000.000
SEAFranklin Gutierrez-0.574-1.5430.0000.9690.0000.000
SEAIchiro Suzuki1.6181.0550.0000.5630.0000.000
SEAKen Griffey Jr-0.297-0.2970.0000.0000.0000.000
SEASEA Luckbox0.3580.3580.0000.0000.0000.000
SEADon Wakamatsu-0.4240.000-0.4240.0000.0000.000
SEAEric Byrnes-1.685-1.6850.0000.0000.0000.000
SEAMike Sweeney-1.685-1.2040.0000.000-0.4810.000
SEAMatt Tuiasosopo-0.4810.0000.000-0.4810.0000.000
SEAMark Lowe0.0020.0000.0020.0000.0004.203
SEADavid Aardsma0.3600.0000.3600.0000.0001.213
SEABrandon League-0.6430.000-0.6430.0000.0006.517
SEASean White0.2760.0000.2760.0000.0000.762
 Safeco Field0.0000.0000.0000.0000.0000.000

Player of the Game: Colby Lewis (3.248 pitching NRuns)
Gifts from Mariners mistakes: 2.555 NRuns

Putting the 'suicide' in suicide squeeze: -1.685 NRuns

Welcome to the Sweendawghouse: Mike Sweeney (-1.685 NRuns)

Mariners hitting: -5.579 NRuns

Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, Ichiro and Milton Bradley: 4.693 NRuns
All other Mariners: -6.693 NRuns


This game was everything about the 2010 Seattle Mariners in a 12 inning nutshell. They got great pitching and wasted a fine starting pitching performance. They made fine defensive plays. They couldn't score any runs. They made an ordinary starting pitcher look incredible. Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Sweeney made easy outs and showed they have next to nothing left as hitters. Eric Byrnes made people angry. Don Wakamatsu overmanaged and made bad decisions as a result. A reliever took a loss he didn't necessarily deserve. Their opponents did everything to give the game away and the Mariners did them tenfold better to give it right back. We saw Sean White. They kept a winnable game close, but blew every chance they got to take it, and instead found a way to lose it.

Don Wakamatsu only received Net Runs credit for the intentional walk he had Brandon League issue, but if you wanted to give him credit for the bad suicide squeeze call (and given it blew up in part because of bad communication, you could make a case for that), then Wak cost the Mariners 2.109 NRuns, easily the most a manager has cost his team in a single game. As it stands, his total is fairly close to the biggest negative contribution by a manager in a game.

I almost decided to go to this game at Safeco Field tonight. Now I'm glad I didn't.

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