Sunday, May 17, 2009

John Lackey's big return quickly leads to a big exit

John Lackey's return to the Anaheim Angels after rehabbing an injury lasted two pitches last night.

No, the Angels ace didn't get hurt. He got tossed. Lackey threw inside and plunked Ian Kinsler, and home plate umpire Bob Davidson decided Lackey was headhunting and tossed him. No warnings were issued.

Personally, while I think the ejection was unjustified (Lackey was amped up and I'm sure he had yet to rein himself in) and that Davidson was focused purely on precedent rather than the actual present, it's the division rival Angels and the end result was a 5-3 Angels loss at the hands of replacement Shane Loux, so can't say I'm too perturbed.

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