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Mariners Minor League Wrap-Up for May 14

(This was written Saturday, May 16. I caught up on sleep May 14 and was out May 15)

A: Clinton 7, Beloit 6, 13 innings

Brett Lorin: 6 IP, 3 H, 4 ER (2 HR), 4 walks, 6 K
Ryan Moorer: 1.1 IP, walk, K
Ruben Flores: 1.2 IP, (2 R) 1 ER, 2 walks, wild pitch
Cheyne Hann: 3 IP, 1 H, 2 K
Greg Moviel: 1 IP, 1 H, K
Maximo Mendez: 2-5, triple, R, 2 walks, K
Denny Almonte: 2-6, double, 2 R, 2 RBI, walk, 2 K
Nate Tenbrink: 2-4, triple, R, walk
Kris Sanchez: 0-5, sac fly RBI, 2 K
Mario Martinez: 1-5, double, R
Terry Serrano: 3-6, 2 RBI, K
Luis Nuñez: 3-6, R, 3 K

A long game will get a long recap: Maximo Mendez led off the game with his 7th triple and Denny Almonte promptly doubled him in to make it 1-0. E-3 off a Nate Tenbrink grounder allowed Almonte to score and make it 2-0.

Brett Lorin couldn't quite keep the ball down against the Snappers. With one out, Angel Morales (175/252/350) quietly homered to straightaway center to make it 2-1. In the 3rd, James Beresford (267/362/283) got a grounder up the middle for a base hit, Lorin walked Nick Romero (228/339/317) and Jon Waltenbury (231/278/389), the 1B who flubbed the previous grounder, took Lorin deep to make it 4-2 Snappers. It was a baffling stretch given that Lorin wasn't exactly sloppy in those first two frames, but that two of the three outs in the 1st were flyballs, given Morales took him deep out of the blue in the 2nd and Waltenbury took him deep here, it looks like the strikes he threw were fat hittable strikes. In fact, Lorin looked a bit sloppy once he started getting outs.

Tenbrink, however, led off the bottom 3rd with his 4th triple of the year and Kris Sanchez's one out flyout-8 allowed Tenbrink to tag up and make it 4-3 Beloit.

Even after settling down, Lorin walked two batters in the 4th before catcher Blake Ochoa picked off a runner to get out of it. The Lumberkings got runners on the corners with nobody out in the bottom 4th but couldn't cash anyone in.

Lorin went groundout, groundout, strikeout in the 5th for his first solid inning. After yet another walk in the 6th, he got a grounder for a 6-4-3 double play and struck out the next batter to end a shaky, up and down outing. To his credit, he did not allow another flyball after the 3rd inning.

Groundballs: 8
Flyballs: 4 (2 HR)
Line Drives: 0
Pop Ups: 1
Walks: 4
Strikeouts: 6

The Lumberkings picked him up in the 6th, as Mario Martinez doubled with one out and eventually scored on a seeing eye single from Terry Serrano to TIE THE BALLGAME at 4.

Ryan Moorer worked a quiet 7th and Clinton put him in line for the win. Denny Almonte drew a leadoff walk (his 12th of the year!), took 2nd on a passed ball and took 3rd as Nate Tenbrink bunted himself on. Even after Kris Sanchez grounded into a 4-3 double play, Almonte came home to make it 5-4 Lumberkings! The Lumberkings even got another run in the 8th, as Jacob Shaffer led off with a single, Mario Martinez bunted him over for one out and Terry Serrano lined a single to cash him in and make it 6-4 Lumberkings.

Ruben Flores had relieved Moorer with one out in the 8th and got out without trouble. But he walked the leadoff hitter, uncorked a wild pitch and walked the next batter anyway. Pinch hitter Adan Severino (203/295/290) laid down a bunt, baffling given that they could have asked the original batter to bunt if they were going to give the out away, to move the runners over to 2nd and 3rd. Dominic De La Osa (240/333/280) grounded to 3rd, but 3B Mario Martinez muffed the ball, allowing a runner to score as Martinez recovered and, instead of eating it, made the rookie mistake of trying to rush a throw and get somebody, as he threw YIKES AND AWAY to allow the other runner to score and tie the ballgame at 6.

Go to your room, Mario Martinez, and think about what you've done, because for your two error, lead-choking meltdown on that play when eating the ball after the 1st error might have saved the win... you are this year's first recipient of the Cibney Bello Memorial [COATHANGER].

This is not an award, dude: You really screwed up.

Thanks to Super Mario, the Lumberkings had to burn Cheyne Hann for three innings, though Cheyne as usual this season did a fine job and gave the hitters nothing. Greg Moviel also had to work an inning he didn't count on seeing, though he' a guy that needs work to continue shaking off the rust so that's not as bad.

The Lumberkings actually had a real chance to win this in the 12th, as Blake Ochoa and Ogui Diaz hit back to back one out line drive singles, but guess what? Mario Martinez grounded into the 6-4-3 inning ending double play.

Screw it, Mario, I'm going to give you another Cibney Bello Memorial [COATHANGER], because you just had that kind of night.

But the Lumberkings would not be denied, as Luis Nuñez lined a single with one out, Maximo mendez drew a walk and Denny Almonte got a groundball into right field to cash in Nuñez for the WALKOFF VICTORY.

A+: Rancho Cucamonga 4, High Desert 3, 11 innings

Nathan Adcock: 6.1 IP, 1 H, 3 walks, 5 K
Stephen Penney: two outs
Aaron Jensen: 1 IP, 1 H, K
Phillippe Aumont: 2 IP, 2 H, 3 ER (HR), walk, 3 K, 2 wild pitches, hit batter
Natividad Dilone: one out, 1 H, 1 ER, 3 walks
Tyson Gillies: 2-4, walk
Alex Liddi: 1-4, double, walk, K, SB
Ian Bladergroen: 0-2, R, 3 walks, K
Juan Diaz: 1-4, solo HR, 3 K
Wind: 14 mph out to RF

Once again, the Mavs couldn't get anything going against Robert Fish (5.83 FIP), but it was okay because Nathan Adcock (4.38 FIP) pitched one of the best games of his career, shaking off two 1st inning walks and allowing one hit and no runs while working into the 7th.

Groundballs: 9
Flyballs: 3
Line Drives: 0
Pop Ups: 2
Walks: 3
Strikeouts: 5

The Mavs finally cracked Fish in the 6th, as Ian Bladergroen walked, and Carlos Peguero got a two out grounder into left: LF Jeremy Moore flubbed the grounder trying to pick it up. Bladergroen scored, but Peguero got real greedy, got caught between 2nd and 3rd as the ball got back in and got run down to end the frame.

But there was more: Pop gun powered Juan Diaz went yard off Fish with one out in the 7th, Tyson Gillies singled and Edilio Colina reached on E-5 before Fish got the hook. We'll look at his numbers since he owned the Mavs for yet another game:

Groundballs: 9 (plus 1 bunt)
Flyballs: 8 (1 HR)
Line Drives: 0
Pop Ups: 2
Walks: 2 (plus 2 hit batters)
Strikeouts: 4

The two baserunners got stranded as Alex Liddi grounded into a 4-3 double play to end the frame.

But Joe Dunigan and Ian Bladergroen drew walks in the 8th, then Carlos Peguero's grounder got flubbed on an E-6 to bring in Dunigan and make it 3-0. But then Jose Yepez grounded into the 6-4-3 frame ending double play. Let's kill all our rallies dead!

Phillippe Aumont came in to shut down the 9th inning, walked the leadoff batter, uncorked a wild pitch, and watch Jeremy Moore get some revenge with a seeing eye single to bring in a run. Aumont uncorked another wild pitch, then watched Matthew Sweeney (303/383/528, no relation to the MLB Matt Sweeney) take him deep to tie the ballgame at 3. Morrow's not the only top draft pick blowing leads in this organization. To Aumont's credit, he went strikeout, pop out, flyout to get out of the frame and send it to extras.

Aumont did come out to throw the 11th, got a flyout, plunked Brian Walker (310/348/429) so bad that he knocked Walker out of the game ("HE'S A DEMON!"), struck out the next guy and, despite the next batter reaching on a routine grounder E-4'd, he struck out Jeremy Moore to end the frame.

Natividad Dilone replaced him in the 11th, walked three batters (one intentionally), then watched PJ Phillips (210/250/355) get a grounder into RF for the walkoff fail.

AA: Tennessee 7, West Tenn 1

Patrick Ryan: 4.2 IP, 9 H, (5 R) 4 ER (HR), walk (83 pitches, 48 strikes)
Josh Newby: 1.1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, 2 walks (25-12)
Aaron Cotter: 2 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 K (35-21)
Mel Stocker: 1-3, double, R, walk, K
Marshall Hubbard: 2-4, RBI
rest of DIAMOND JAXX lineup: 1-23, walk, 3 K

Yeah, the JAXX just laid an egg in this one. They couldn't get a ball to drop or get past the infield to save their lives, and Patrick Ryan got pummeled from the start, literally: leadoff hitter Tony Thomas took him deep to start the game.

Groundballs: 11 (plus 1 bunt)
Flyballs: 7
Line Drives: 2
Pop Ups: 1
Walks: 1
Strikeouts: 0

AAA: New Orleans 8, Tacoma 2

Andy Baldwin: 5.2 IP, 12 H, 6 ER (4 HR), 3 K, wild pitch (96 pitches, 63 strikes)
Brodie Downs: 2.1 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 2 K (41-26)
Jeff Clement: 2-4, double, walk
Chris Shelton: 2-4, R
Michael Saunders: 3-5, double, R, K
Mike Morse: 1-5, RBI, 2 K

PHAT ANDY looked anything but on Thursday. He got torched for an astonishing FOUR home runs, and yet managed to pitch into the 6th in under 100 pitches. That says something, though letting the Zephyrs pound you in a pitchers park says just as much. To face 29 batters in 96 pitches indicates they were getting the ball in play early in the count.

Groundballs: 10
Flyballs: 13 (4 freaking HR)
Line Drives: 2
Pop Ups: 1
Walks: 0
Strikeouts: 3

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