Friday, May 15, 2009

WPA All Star ballot for May 15

Each year, allows you to cast up to 25 All Star Game Ballots until their deadline in early July. This season, voting concludes on July 2, and each year I cast my 25 ballots every couple days until the deadline based on Win Probability Added, voting for the player on the ballot that has added the most Win Probability of any player at his position in the league, since on aggregate that player has technically contributed the most to his team's chances to win. In the case of outfielders, I select the top three on the ballot.

I don't expect this sort of thing to make any major waves: the popular players like Derek Jeter, Ichiro and Albert Pujols are going to get more than enough votes to win. But the exercise is still fun nonetheless.

Here is my first ballot. I use the WPA listed on Fangraphs as of the day I cast the ballot. I will cast a ballot every two days until the July 2 deadline.

May 15 WPA All Star Ballot

American League

1B Kevin Youkilis - BOS
2B Asdrubal Cabrera - CLE
SS Marco Scutaro - TOR
3B Michael Young - TEX
C Victor Martinez - CLE
OF Jason Bay - BOS
OF Johnny Damon - NYY
OF Adam Jones - BAL

National League

1B Joey Votto - CIN
2B Orlando Hudson - LAD
SS Edgar Renteria - SFG
3B Ryan Zimmerman - WAS
C Bengie Molina - SFG
OF Raul IbaƱez - PHI
OF Manny Ramirez - LAD
OF Alfonso Soriano - CHC
(OF Ryan Braun - MIL)

Yes, I included Manny even though he's suspended for a positive drug test. Technically, his WPA is the 2nd highest among NL outfielders, therefore I included him. To be fair to those who morally oppose his entry, I include in parentheses an honorable mention if you want to follow along with my votes on your ballot but are opposed to voting for Manny.

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