Monday, May 25, 2009

Mariners Minor League Wrap-Up for May 25

VENEZUELA~! VSL Pirates 8, VSL Mariners 2
VSLMs: 3-4... VSL Bucs: 6-1

Erasmo Ramirez: 5 IP, 4 H, (1 R) 0 ER, 10 K, hit batter
Isliexel Gonzalez: no outs recorded, 2 H, 4 ER, 2 walks
Mayckol Guaipe: 1 IP, 3 H, (3 R) 0 ER, walk, wild pitch
Ricardo Pereira: 2 IP, 2 H, walk, K
Carlos Ramirez: 2-4, K
Jorge Agudelo: 1-3, double, R, walk, K
Rigoberto Rangel: 1-3, solo HR, walk

Erasmo Ramirez owned the VSL Pirates (currently the best lineup in the VSL) with 10 Ks. The only problem was that Isliexel Gonzalez is the Cibney Bello of the VSL, notorious for crapping the bed during the few times he shows his face on the mound, and today was no exception in kicking off a 7 run inning for the VSL Bucs. In face, speaking of Cibney Bello, let's go ahead and award Isliexel Gonzalez with the Cibney Bello Memorial [COATHANGER] Award for his fine performance in putting four baserunners on the board without recording an out, with all four of those baserunners eventually scoring. In two appearances, Isliexel has faced 7 hitters, put them all on base and failed to record an out.

A: Great Lakes 8, Clinton 5
CLI: 23-21... GLK: 23-21

Alfredo Venegas: 4.2 IP, 8 H, (8 R) 3 ER, 2 walks, 2 K, balk
Blake Nation: 1.1 IP, 1 H, walk, K
Ryan Moorer: 1 IP, 1 H, K
Cheyne Hann: 1 IP
Andres Esquibel: 1 IP
Scott Savastano: 1-2, triple, walk
Steve Moss: 1-4, R, 2 RBI, 2 K
Nate Tenbrink: 1-4, R, RBI, walk, 2 K
Mario Martinez: 1-4, RBI, K

Venegas showed the Lumberkings some of that High Desert magic, getting tattooed for eight runs with some help from the defense and failing to finish the 5th inning.

Groundballs: 8
Flyballs: 8 (1 HR)
Line Drives: 3
Pop Ups: 2
Walks: 2
Strikeouts: 2

From there, half the bullpen finished the game and they did not allow another run over the last 4.1 IP. In fact, they allowed three players to reach base total. Maybe they should have started the game instead. All of them.

The Lumberkings actually had a serious chance to come in the bottom 9th, down 8-4, loading the bases with no outs. But after Steve Moss' sac fly plated a run, Nate Tenbrink and Travis Howell each struck out to put this game to bed.

A+: High Desert 12, Lancaster 11
Mavs: 31-14... Jethawks: 13-32

Adam Harben: two outs, 4 H, (7 R) 4 ER, 3 walks
Jake Wild: 3.1 IP, 2 H, walk, 3 K
Natividad Dilone: 2 IP, 3 K
Juan Zapata: no outs recorded, 3 H, (4 R) 3 ER (HR), walk
Aaron Jensen: 2.1 IP, 2 K
Steven Richard: two outs, 1 H, walk, 2 K
Tyson Gillies: 2-4, R, 2 RBI, walk, SB #10
Edilio Colina: 2-5, R
Ian Bladergroen: 2-4, 2 run HR, 4 RBI, walk
Carlos Peguero: 1-6, RBI, 3 K
Alex Liddi: 2-5, K
Travis Scott: 2-5, double, solo HR, K
Kuo Hui Lo: 3-5, double, triple, solo HR, 3 R, 2 K
Juan Diaz: 3-5, double, triple, 3 R, 2 RBI
Wind: 12 mph out to RF

Well, this was another one of those games. The Mavs got a gift run in the 1st off two passed balls by Roger Clemens' kid (Koby), but then Adam Harben got destroyed in the bottom half: Ground single, Ground E-1, walk, walk, pop out, ground single, lined double, groundout, ground single, (stolen base) walk, that's it. Harben did the right thing by getting groundballs, but also did the wrong thing by making a couple bad pitches and then walking guys. You cannot make mistakes in these conditions, because when you do you get run after recording two outs against ten batters.

Jake Wild got another ground single before catcher Travis Scott gunned down a runner trying to steal 3rd to end the disaster frame.

But believe it or not, Wild settled down quickly and got through the 4th inning without further damage. The Mavs got back to back jacks from Scott and Kuo Hui Lo to lead off the top 2nd, and more erraticism from the Jethawks helped the Mavs score two more runs to cut the lead to 7-5.

In the 3rd, the Mavs got back to back triples (!) from Kuo Hui Lo and Juan Diaz to cash in a run, and Tyson Gillies got a two out grounder into RF to cash in Diaz and TIE THE BALLGAME. No lead is safe in the Cal League!

The Mavs led off the top 5th with back to back doubles from Kuo Hui Lo and Juan Diaz to cash in a run and give themselves the 8-7 lead! A Tyson Gillies walk and a single down the middle from Edilio Colina set up another run on an Ian Bladergroen sac fly to make it 9-7.

Natividad Dilone took over in the 5th and went groundout, strikeout, pop out, then went strikeout, strikeout, groundout in the 6th. In the top 7th, Edilio Colina beat out a one out grounder to get aboard, took 2nd on a wild pitch, then scored on a Carlos Peguero wormburner into left to make it 10-7.

But trouble loomed for Juan Zapata as he took over in the 7th. Juan Diaz botched a leadoff groundball at SS to put the batter on, and Jonathan Gaston took Zapata deep to make it 10-9 Mavs. Jason Castro walked, Marcos Cabral got a grounder into LF and Koby Clemens' grounder got botched by Edilio Colina at 2B to load the bases before David Flores' grounder into LF cashed in two more runs and gave the Jethawks an 11-10 lead.

Zapata got the hook for his trouble, and Aaron Jensen got a 5-6 force at 3rd before getting a 5-4-3 double play to quickly escape the carnage.

Both teams went quietly in the 8th. Gavin Dickey led off the 9th by getting a grounder into LF, then took 2nd on a bad pickoff throw. Tyson Gillies bunted him to 3rd for one out, but Edilio Colina tapped back to the mound for two outs. Ian Bladergroen then lifted a flyball to right field, and you can guess what happened next... 12-11 Mavs!

After pitching last night, Phillippe Aumont wasn't pitching tonight. Jensen stayed in for the 9th, struck out the 1st batter and then left for Steven Richard, who walked the next batter and watched a grounder get up the middle to put runners at 1st and 2nd. But he promptly struck out the next two batters to seal the victory.

AA: Huntsville 5, West Tenn 2
WTN: 17-26... HUN: 21-19

Justin Souza: 3 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 3 walks, 2 hit batters (81 pitches, 43 strikes)
Patrick Ryan: 1 IP, 1 H, (1 R) 0 ER, 2 walks, K, wild pitch (24-13)
Nick Hill: 3 IP, 3 H, 2 ER (HR), walk, 5 K (51-35)
Josh Newby: 1 IP, 1 H, walk, K (16-9)
Greg Halman: 1-3, 2 RBI, 2 K
rest of DIAMOND JAXX lineup: 5-30, 3 walks, 5 K

Six singles were all the JAXX could manage against Huntsville's porous pitching and defense, which came into today allowing 4.95 runs per game, 3rd most in the Southern League. Justin Souza, meanwhile, had the turnstiles open and piled up enough pitches, hits, free passes and runs to call it a day after three frames. He actually looked okay through the 1st frame, simply having some bad luck on grounders, but then the flyballs, HBPs and walks came in spades and it all rolled downhill from there.

Groundballs: 4
Flyballs: 7
Line Drives: 0
Pop Ups: 1
Walks: 3 (plus 2 hit batters)
Strikeouts: 0

Patrick Ryan, who is a poor groundballer in a Sean White sort of way, now came out of the bullpen, a banishment that makes sense if you're sending someone down from Tacoma now that guys are getting healthy, or if you're about to call Orta, Rohrbaugh or Peña back from the JAXX 7 Day DL, but otherwise doesn't make sense unless Nick Hill's 51 pitches in relief were a test run for a possible stretch-out into a starting role (at least for now until the Army calls him away sometime this season). Ryan had sucked, so it's not like keeping him in the rotation was a high priority, but as thin as things are getting in West Tenn's rotation, they can only afford to banish guys if they have a fallback option in place.

Meanwhile, Hill himself wasn't particularly good, and the Stars stretched out to a 5-0 lead that held up.

AAA: Tacoma 12, Nashville 1
TAC: 24-20... NAS: 25-20

Chris Seddon: 5 IP, 1 H, 4 walks, 6 K, 2 wild pitches (89 pitches, 54 strikes)
Jesus Delgado: 2 IP, 1 H, 2 K (22-16)
Steven Shell: 1 IP, 1 H, (1 R) 0 ER (9-6)
Randy Messenger: 1 IP, 1 H (11-8)
Michael Saunders: 1-5, R, RBI
Jeff Clement: 3-5, 2 R, K
Chris Shelton: 2-5, 2 doubles, 2 RBI
Brad Nelson: 1-3, 2 R, RBI, 2 walks
Mike Morse: 3-5, 2 R, RBI, 2 K
Bryan LaHair: 4-5, 3 R, 2 RBI
Adam Moore: 2-4, double, R, RBI, walk, K

A blastoff five run 1st inning is what the doctor ordered for the Rainiers, as they built a 6-0 lead through two frames, allowing Chris Seddon room to work and throw a solid start he really needed to have after struggling off the DL. He was still somewhat off, as evidenced by the three walks and two wild pitches he threw in the 2nd, but he allowed only one hit over the minimum and pretty much gave the Sounds nothing after those first two shaky frames, harnessing his wildness and missing a ton of bats over five frames.

Groundballs: 2
Flyballs: 5
Line Drives: 1
Pop Ups: 2
Walks: 4
Strikeouts: 6

Two other guys responded with scoreless frames they really needed. Jesus Delgado rung up a couple K's in a scoreless 6th and 7th, and while Steven Shell still allowed a run in the 8th, it came off an error by Callix Crabbe and thus didn't count as earned. Randy Messenger's having a good year and didn't really need a great inning, but it was nice to ring one up.

The Rainiers bats, meanwhile, said what the heck and pounded in six more runs over the 6th, 7th and 8th innings to turn a big lead into a rout.

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