Friday, April 16, 2010

Seattle Mariners Net Runs for 4-16-2010 (Seattle 11, Detroit 3)

PlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBase
Austin Jackson1.3570.2090.0001.1480.000
Johnny Damon2.0820.1790.0001.9030.000
Magglio Ordonez-1.489-0.7790.000-0.7100.000
Miguel Cabrera0.6730.3990.0000.2740.000
Carlos Guillen0.3250.3250.0000.0000.000
Brandon Inge-1.015-0.7510.000-0.2640.000
Gerald Laird-1.0500.5510.000-1.6010.000
Scott Sizemore-2.053-0.2950.000-1.317-0.441
Adam Everett-0.045-0.6680.0000.6230.000
Jeremy Bonderman-5.2320.000-5.2320.0000.000
DET Luckbox0.3570.1370.2200.0000.000
Jim Leyland0.0000.0000.0000.0000.000
Brad Thomas-2.1600.000-2.1600.0000.000
Ryan Raburn0.2390.2390.0000.0000.000
Don Kelly-0.412-0.4120.0000.0000.000
Alex Avila-0.319-0.3190.0000.0000.000
Eddie Bonine0.2280.0000.2280.0000.000

Projected ERAs based on today's performances:

Jeremy Bonderman - 15.41
Brad Thomas - 10.30
Eddie Bonine - 2.39

PlayerNet RunsHitPitchDefBase
Ichiro Suzuki-0.359-0.3730.000-0.0120.026
Chone Figgins0.8760.8950.000-0.1560.137
Franklin Gutierrez1.6442.4610.000-0.8170.000
Jose Lopez1.7340.4030.0001.3310.000
Ken Griffey Jr0.3780.3780.0000.0000.000
Milton Bradley-0.093-0.0930.0000.0000.000
Casey Kotchman1.0670.8500.0000.0000.217
Rob Johnson1.5861.7230.000-0.1370.000
Jack Wilson-0.666-1.1430.0000.3710.106
Felix Hernandez0.0170.000-0.2710.2880.000
SEA Luckbox1.9851.9850.0000.0000.000
Don Wakamatsu-0.220-0.2200.0000.0000.000
Eric Byrnes0.784-0.2400.0001.0240.000
Sean White-0.6420.000-0.6420.0000.000
Mike Sweeney-0.224-0.2240.0000.0000.000
Mark Lowe0.6470.0000.6470.0000.000

Projected ERAs based on today's performances:

Felix Hernandez - 4.63
Sean White - 8.31
Mark Lowe - 0.00

Mariners Player of the Game: Jose Lopez (1.734 NRuns: 0.403 batting, 1.331 fielding)

(Actual "Player" of the Game: SEA Luckbox - 1.985 NRuns)

Goat: Jeremy Bonderman (-5.232 pitching runs)

Note: I'm still catching up and need to score a few games from recent days, but Bonderman's performance is easily the worst by a player in a single game, let alone by a starting pitcher, I've seen since scoring my first MLB game this season. His performance was legitimately bad. The previous worst single game by a pitcher or hitter in a game, off the top of my head, was about a few hairs below -4 runs.

Felix, meanwhile, did strike out nine batters and pitch into the 7th, but a series of line drives in the 4th plus a couple of walks rendered today's performance otherwise pedestrian. But given the Mariners' 11 runs today, that was more than enough.

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