Saturday, April 11, 2009

The snap heard round the Mariners blogosphere

Two days into the minor league season and the Mariners have already received some bad news. Carlos Triunfel slid into 2nd during West Tennessee's Friday night game and fractured his left fibula (the lower leg bone).

The prognosis for a fractured fibula depends on the place of the fracture. If the fracture's closer to the knee, along the thicker portion of the bone near crucial knee ligaments, then your career's in serious jeopardy. If the break is closer to the ankle, the prognosis is much better as it's along the narrower portion of the bone and fewer key ligaments are in play: it's sort of like a really high broken ankle. It still takes at least two months to heal, usually longer (3-4 months). But a full recovery is very likely, especially for someone as young as the 19 year old Triunfel.

Fortunately for Triunfel, the break was closer to the ankle. His total prognosis will depend on the results of any forthcoming diagnoses and medical procedures. If he doesn't need surgery, he could only miss 6-8 weeks. If he needs surgery, a distinct possibility, he likely will miss most, if not all of his age 19 season, which sets him back a year. But on the flip side, he's 19 and started the year in AA. Even delayed a year and having to recover from a broken fibula, Carlos Triunfel is still a phenomenal talent and, provided he makes a full recovery, retains a rocket-like course to an MLB career within his early 20's.

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