Thursday, December 3, 2009

Add some intrigue to the Bowl Games if we're not going to have a playoff in the FBS

If we're not gonna have a college football bowl division playoff, then let's at least have some fun with the bowls. Right now all but one of the games are played for nothing more than pride and some money for the universities in question. Add some stipulations to the games and not only make them interesting, but give these schools something real to play for. For example:

Whichever conference's team wins the Rose Bowl gets home field for every one of their teams in every regular season interconference game between the two conferences next season.

Whoever wins the Sugar Bowl gets to schedule a game with the 1-11 or 0-12 team of their choice next season. The loser must play Boise State on the blue turf in Boise.

Whoever wins the Fiesta Bowl gets three recruits of their choice from the losing school.

Whoever loses the Orange Bowl has to hire Ryan Leaf as an assistant coach.

Every returning starter on offense of the losing team in the Las Vegas Bowl has to transfer to UNLV.

If you lose to Georgia Tech, you have to dance with the Yellow Jackets to All the Way Turnt Up

If BYU loses their bowl game, every BYU player has to drink a beer and smoke a cigarette.

Every player on the losing side of the Army-Navy game gets immediately deployed to Afghanistan.

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