Monday, September 28, 2009

NFL Photos for Week 3


Ninja QB Aaron Rodgers prepares to go medieval on the Rams

The new Ravens coaching staff has done wonders for freaking out opponents on their own

Signs the Redskins need a new coach: The tacklers toss salad during plays

This week in NFL Interpretative Dance: It's The Jared Allen Show!

... featuring The Jared Allen Dancers!

Even Buffalo's mutant safeties (with badly attached prosthetic arms) were no match for the Zero Gravity Saints

"Um, excuse me, please don't do that..."

"Excuse me, I'm not your father and I'm in the middle of running a play. Please let go."

The air in San Diego was humid enough to swim in, which obviously affected play

"Did you drop LSD again, dude? That's not a vulture. It's a football."

Pregame fireworks in St Louis symbolize another Rams' season going up in flames

"Somebody tell Lynell that you don't need to carry the ballcarrier to the end zone to score... just the ball."

Raiders tackling got better... and uglier... after the defense was told LaMont Jordan was hiding gold bricks in his uniform

Much to their dismay, Chargers QB Phillip Rivers followed that deep ball by chucking a grenade

"Good job, Lynell, but actually, I was lying about the ref handing you money after a touchdown."

Siamese levitating linebackers were just too much for the Chiefs to handle

"No really, shut up"

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