Monday, September 21, 2009

NFL Photos for Week 2

"Okay, I need you to put me on your right shoulder"
"Then I need you to carry me several yards downfield"
"Then turn me around so I'm facing my quarterback"
"A'ight- wait"
"... what"
"... you mean the one on the field right now?"

Now 0-2, the Titans should consider scrapping their Kama Sutra zone defense.

Having failed at regular defense, Rams tacklers are now resorting to punching opposing ballplayers.

This week in NFL Interpretative Dance: Titan(ic)... Jeff Fisher's ship meets a Texans sized iceberg

Let's just say this play didn't go the way Drew Brees wanted

Nor did this one

The Saints scored 48 points despite this because of their zero gravity goal line package.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Mike Brissel (#65) is guilty of holding here. In fact, that Titans defender is about to take a spinebuster

Spencer Havner gets the Goldilocks Gangbang treatment from the Bengals. "DID YOU TAKE OUR PORRIDGE AND BY PORRIDGE I MEAN FOOTBALL"

Steven Jackson uses the Redskins defense as a Barca lounger during the 1st half

Ochocinco ends up in huge trouble when Packers fans are told he tastes like chicken

Donald Driver uses his hover powers to weave through the Bengals secondary

The Bucs invisible spider net helps them save a touchdown against T.O.

The Seahawks lost in large part due to Jim Mora's questionable 'run our plays upside down' strategy

Jake Delhomme points to the recipient of his next turnover

It's YOU, Chris Houston! Come on down!

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is about to suffer the bone crushing experience of a teammate twice his size forgetting he is twice his size. This is why the Lions can't have nice things, like touchdowns and wins

The Broncos' midgame waiver wire pickups are getting out of hand

Cory Redding realizes too little too late that agreeing to let the trainer cook off his bunions during the game probably wasn't a good idea

After winning with kung fu in week one, Frank Gore took up Muy Thai and used it to sink the Seahawks in week two

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