Sunday, March 15, 2009

A look at the 2009 NCAA Tournament South region

South region:
(1) North Carolina vs (16) Radford
(8) LSU vs (9) Butler
(5) Illinois vs (12) Western Kentucky
(4) Gonzaga vs (13) Akron
(6) Arizona State vs (11) Temple
(3) Syracuse vs (14) Stephen F Austin
(7) Clemson vs (10) Michigan
(2) Oklahoma vs (15) Morgan State

Thanks to some treacherous underseeding, worthy top seed North Carolina could run into trouble in the Sweet Sixteen: Gonzaga deserves a 2 seed, but instead gets a 4, setting up a Sweet Sixteen tilt with Tyler Hansbrough. The Zags could be the toughest challenge the Tarheels see before the Final Four, because of the other end of the bracket is packed with mis-seed 4 and 5 seeds.

Butler is seeding fine but LSU is a bit overseeded at 8. Expect Butler to pull off another quality 1st round victory before succumbing to the Tarheels.

Oklahoma and Gonzaga should switch seeds, because the Sooners' 2 seed is an absolute gift. Too bad it slots them with two other similarly capable teams in Arizona State (a bit underseeded) and Syracuse (a bit overseeded). Clemson can also put up a fight if they hold serve against Michigan. That "gift" may have earned Oklahomaa spot in a 2nd and 3rd round dogfight for the right to job in the Elite Eight.

Of course, as always, all teams involved have to get there first, and anything can happen.

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